Pamulaklakin Forest Trail

Binictican Heights
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines
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In jungle walks, tourists are given the opportunity to walk through an authentic rainforest and get a crash course on jungle survival techniques from an aeta native.

One of the trails ideal for a quick hike is the SBMA’s Pamulaklakin Forest Trail. This tour usually takes two hours to complete, but without a lunch break and many stops for photo opportunities, it could be completed in just one.


Guided by the trails’ resident guide, visitor’s are taken deep in to the jungle and shown how different traps are made and set to catch different animals like macaques, monitor lizards and wild chickens.

Another popular portion of the tour is when the guides show how pieces of bamboo are turned into cooking pots, cups and eating utensils. The bamboo is also used to start a fire in lieu of matches.

The Pamulaklakin Forest Trail Tours are also very affordable with the following rates:

Mini-Jungle Tour: P30 (50 cents)
Ecology Tour: Adults-P250 ($4.50),Children-P125 ($2.25)
Overnight Jungle Tour: P500 ($9.00)


Pamulaklakin Forest Trail Pamulaklakin Forest Trail Pamulaklakin Subic Bay Pamulaklakin


From the word “Pamulaklakin” meaning “to bloom,” the Pamulaklakin Nature Park really comes into bud in terms of boosting the tourism with the grand jungle tours it offers. The jungle renders a great experience for kids to exercise their youthful spirits, and parents to enjoy the green scenery and various animal species. This park is great for mountain hiking and working out techniques on how one can survive in a jungle, which is a good sum of knowledge for the whole family in case of emergencies.


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