Jungle Joe's World

Group 3 Ilanin Forest
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines
Phone: (047) 252 8269

One of the most uniquely-different and fun-filled amusement parks found anywhere! Jungle Joe’s World encompasses a total of 60 hectares within its estate, of which only 6 hectares is built-out. This ground-breaking theme park is located in a lushly-green, tropical-forest area of Subic Bay, only minutes away from the main Subic Freeport Zone. This park is easily accessible from the main business center area of Subic. Designed and built to U.S. amusement park standards, Jungle Joe's will provide an unparalleled experience for kids and grownups alike.

A large portion of the first phase of this amusement park is built around old U.S. Military ammunition bunkers. After some very-talented and magical transformations, they are now colorfully painted sporting giant, life-sized fiberglass animals and prehistoric creatures. These bunkers of varying-themed, brightly-painted, air-conditioned, entertaining halls of fun will surprise you with their creativity and meticulous design. Some of the activities you will find in these bunkers include: interactive kiddy rides, novelty shops, discotheque, and a comfortable beanbag seated theater and other uniquely-themed, interestingly exhilarating attractions.

This theme park is more than simply fun and games, its intention is also to educate about the many intricate-details of Mother Nature’s eco-systems and to showcase various genres of Filipino talent. In the near future Jungle Joe’s will designate a special area of the park as an artisan village. The owners are also planning on providing scholarships for talented Filipino individuals. Besides the educational aspect of the park, you will find that it also promotes good health through physical activity. Most of the attractions focus on getting kids and adults alike to expend some human energy in an effort to get all of us off of the couch, away from the computer screen and television encouraging a more active lifestyle. Your family will also enjoy unparalleled interaction with nature through long forested jungle hikes and guided expeditions with native Aeta guides.

Here at Jungle Joe’s, you can find different activities to choose from: novelty shops, theater systems, kiddie rides and more. For those who have a need for speed, the Indy 500 Racer gives visitors the chance to ride the racetrack in small roller race cars. For movie buffs, Jungle Joe’s has a Playhouse Theater themed in the 1950’s. Eat popcorn and other treats while watching on comfortable bean bag seats for cushioning. In the Winter Wonderland attraction, everyday is Christmas Day. See the elves working merrily on Christmas toys. You can even have your picture taken with Santa Claus in the middle of the year! Who says there can’t be a white Christmas in the Philippines? Jungle Joes’s even has a Paintball Course for those high-powered, adrenaline rush paintball tournaments. The place even has a Train Ride Adventure around the animal park to see exciting animals living in the jungle.


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